Crash Course

Welcome and thank you for checking out the course page!

This course is aimed to give aspiring traders the knowledge and skills required to succeed in trading. I am offering a 1-on-1 session which will provide you with the skills to get ahead with your trading.

The length of the course will be around 1 hour where we will discuss the topics below as well as go over your current strategy and refine it.

The idea behind the course is to provide useful information on how to become a successful retail trader, there are countless websites and blogs out there with a lot of information that tend to contradict each other and it just ends up confusing the reader. This course will provide relevant information that will help you in achieving your goals.


We will discuss the following topics:
  • Candlestick reading
  • How to plot KEY LEVELS
  • How to set up your charts
  • Identifying the trend
  • Q&A


To book yourself on the course please purchase from the link below and I will contact you so we can arrange a time to book you in!